Stamp concrete Academy Same price Mission

The purpose of the Japan Stamp Concrete Association is

To create a fun city.

At the same price as ordinary concrete pavement

Installing stamped concrete

Help it

Than ordinary concrete pavement,

Stamp concrete is more expensive.

that is,

Construction costs and material costs

Because it costs extra.



Increased construction and material costs

With donations,


We have created a mechanism to provide support.


That is the "Stamp Concrete Same Price Mission"


Stamp Concrete Same Price Mission

With this support system,

At home, at the same price as ordinary concrete pavement,

Stamp concrete can be made.


We have already introduced missions.



Click here.

スタンプコンクリート グランドコンクリート ステンシル ファンタジー モルタル造形 デザインコンクリート タフテックス

The stamp concrete image posted on the website is

All are installed at the same price.

Creating a fun city

If you have the same idea for your purpose,

Please transfer to the following account.

Donation 10$


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3日

Donation 100$


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3日

Donation 1,000$


  • 在庫あり
  • お届け日数:1~3日